It’s near Paris that these delightful organic chocolate bars are handcrafted made. After touring all around France, Le Chocolat des Français has found the best artisan with who they now closely collaborate to develop their recipes. 

Everything starts from the cocoa beans: Le Chocolat des Français has chosen to work with beans coming from Equator and Peru. This type of cocoa is exclusively dedicated to “grand cru” chocolate! Like wine, its environment and climate allow the cocoa to develop amazing flavors. All this in respect to sustainable agriculture. 

They follow the same principles for each ingredient. They are all natural and selected by high-quality sourcing, and thus participate to enhance their fantastic recipes! 

Thanks to all these choices the brand has made to respect the environment, from the raw material to the handcrafted production, Le Chocolat des Français has been certified: « Pure cocoa butter », « AB organic » and « Europ organic agriculture ».